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Church Development

Dunk, Disciple, Document (Apr 15 '19)

Twelve powerful witch doctors used to control the entire area. Christians who visited could not sleep and felt physical pain that would not go away until they were on their way home. So they just prayed---and came back the next month to stay awake, feel pain, and pray some more. Little by little, all twelve witch doctors in the area died, moved away, or lost their power.
Before long, people were coming to Christ in large numbers. In 2018 our colleague Mezgebu baptized some 2000 p from which these people had come to verify for themselves that these small groups were really... [more]

Helping helpers of very young children (Jun 16 '17)

For years Carol White has taught young children using the Montessori educational method. Hearing that in Ethiopia few think about educating children until they are 6, she volunteered to come to Ethiopia to teach teachers, child sponsorship workers, and moms how to give their younger children a head start. Over 2 weeks, Carol taught three groups of children’s workers. Almost everyone who attended was an experienced teacher, yet what Carol demonstrated from the Montessori way of teaching little ones was completely new to them. She went through what children are ready to learn in their... [more]

What's the big deal about covenant? (Dec 2 '14)

Imagine living in a situation where "whatever works for me" dictates ethics. No business contracts are enforced (except perhaps by fists). Loans get repaid if things work out well, and "it's too bad" if they don't. Conflicts get resolved by intimidation or separation. This legacy from animism, which our friends in western Ethiopia have inherited, blocks peace, community development, and economic progress, to say nothing about Christian maturity and the ability to be a joyful and redemptive community. Among some of our friends in Ethiopia this legacy is now crumbling in the face of covenant,... [more]

We Built It Ourselves! (Oct 6 '14)

In an area of western Ethiopia where people have been poor and dependent as long as they can remember, the village of Rafiso Alenga is tasting the heady wine of self-funded accomplishment. Eight years ago a few villagers heard about Jesus and forsook their witch doctors. Ecstatic at their new freedom from spiritual oppression, they told others. The church that resulted began to grow. Its leaders, trained by our co-workers, formed them into small groups which met in their huts during the week. There everyone had the chance to talk about their lives, discuss what the Bible had to say about... [more]

Thoughts about Church Development in Ethiopia (Oct 1 '14)

THE SITUATION • Evangelism and rapid church growth are taking place in all sectors of Ethiopian society. Most evangelical Ethiopian churches have given these high priority. In fact, thousands of people from many religious backgrounds are coming to identify themselves as followers of Jesus. Outsiders invest heavily in these activities. • There are many seminaries and Bible schools throughout Ethiopia. Therefore, training for Christian leadership is widely available. • While evangelism is going forward, there is also definite, although low-level, persecution from other religious... [more]