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Child Sponsorship

From beggar to business owner (Jul 14 '17)

Wosene's husband left her when she was 6-months pregnant with their son. He sold their property and took all the money, leaving her and their 4-year-old daughter to live on the street and earn her living by begging. Her son was born on the street. Two years ago, a guard told her to go to our child sponsorship program. An American visitor there convinced her mom to sponsor the little boy, and the staff introduced Wosene to Jesus. In time she got baptized and became a member of the church. She also began to attend the required small group, as all of our sponsored children's parents or guardians... [more]

Fashion Design--A Way Out Of Poverty? (Oct 31 '14)

Recently six of our child sponsorship program moms began classes on how to design new clothing.  Through a project funded by Exodus, Hope In View's Czechoslovakian partner, they are learning how to create new patterns and flesh them out into stylish and saleable goods.   Many of the moms of our sponsored children were beggars, widowed or abandoned by their husbands because of their HIV status. When their children got sponsored and their families began getting enough to eat, their lives began to stabilize. Key to this was their required participation in small groups,... [more]

From Begging to Saving (Oct 6 '14)

"My name is Desta* and I am 7 years old. My mother's source of income is begging, and I begged with her for a long time. But when I joined Hope In View's sponsorship program, I stopped begging and began school. Now I am in the second grade. My grades are good...." That is just half the story. Desta's mother, Meseret,* has been attending a small group every two weeks, as required for all the parents of the 108 children in our sponsorship program. There she has made friends-a valuable commodity in a harsh city-and is learning about God's love, taking care of her own health, and parenting. She... [more]