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Reporting Back on Our Response to COVID-19 in Ethiopia (Sep 24 '20)

  Reports are now mostly in from the nine different organizations or movements to which partners like you gave COVID relief money last spring. Because we used some of the money for matching grants to Ethiopians, they added an extra $12,408. In all, 1,655 families consisting of at least 8,081 individuals received life-saving oil, grain, and in many cases masks and soap. These were leaders, members, or needy neighbors of 241 churches. Here are some of their stories: One woman sat down to eat with her child, telling the child this would be their last meal. While they were eating, they... [more]

Giving Without Creating Dependency (Jul 24 '20)

When generous donors gave Hope In View money for COVID relief last spring, we tried an experiment. Could Ethiopians themselves raise money for COVID relief to match what we would give them?
Hope In View gave three matching grants, each for $5000, to three organizations in different geographic areas. Each had a deadline of about 1 month out. Two were to rural areas, where $1/day farmers were beginning to worry about their friends who had moved to the cities. Many were day laborers, and day labor jobs largely vanished in April and May. Within a week or two, their children were... [more]

Matching Grant for COVID Crisis (May 5 '20)

  Marching Grant for COVID Crisis   A generous donor has offered up to $20,000 to match certain donations received by May 22. In just a few weeks, people with whom we have shared our lives for many years will likely be suffering from COVID-19 and/or from hunger. Ethiopia does not have the safety nets that we have in the USA.
Though we can’t “fix” all of Ethiopia, we must do what we can for sisters and brothers who have worked shoulder to shoulder with us—and for the movements they serve.
Here are the donations that will be... [more]


On April 8, Ethiopia’s Council of Ministers declared a 5-month State of Emergency for fighting the coronavirus, which was approved by Parliament today. It is not clear what additional measures will be used to control the virus, as many measures have already been in place. Today there are 56 known cases and 3 deaths, up from 29/0 a week ago.  Ethiopia, with a population of 105 million, has only 400 ventilators, compared to New York City’s 4000 (with request for 30,000 more). 
However, our friends in Ethiopia have been hard at work: So far they have erected six... [more]

COVID-19 Begins in Ethiopia (Mar 30 '20)

Just seven weeks after the USA diagnosed its first case of COVID-19, a traveler to Ethiopia tested positive for cornavirus on March 13.The government acted swiftly to:  1. Close all public gatherings (March 16)
2. Close all land borders (March 20)
3. Pardon and release 4,410 prisoners (on March 25). In addition, early on, eight of the country's nine regions imposed their own travel bans and lockdowns. Coronavirus messages have even replaced the ringing sound on phones before someone answers. Nonetheless, the virus has spread throughout much of the country (see red areas... [more]

Landslide kills at least 115 in our neighborhood (Mar 17 '17)

Last Saturday night the mountains of rubbish in the dump near our child sponsorship program suddenly gave way in an avalanche that buried 49 homes. At last count, 115 people have been confirmed dead, but many are still missing and rescue workers continue to dig through the rubbish. No one knows what caused the landslide at the only garbage dump in a city of 3.6 million, though many suspect that simply too much rubbish was being brought there. Aljazeera’s report of the tragedy is here and an updated Reuters report here. Two of the children in a nearby Compassion child sponsorship... [more]

Agent of Transformation (Sep 27 '15)

Meet Alem Gebregzi. She volunteers in our child sponsorship program in Addis Ababa. By day Alem sweeps streets with a broom and picks up garbage, 7 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a job for which she gets paid the equivalent of $40 a month. By night she mentors a group of 21 people, all living with HIV, whose children are in our child sponsorship program. It is a job for which Alem has never been paid a cent. She began working with some of them more than 10 years ago when Genet, the leader of her basic discipleship group and our child sponsorship social worker, taught her and her friends... [more]