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November 2020

Another Chance to Double Your Impact (Nov 30 '20)

Double Your Impact Generous donors have once again promised to match up to $25,000 in donations to Hope In View’s general fund from now through December 31, 2020. Your gift will change lives and entire communities. You can double your impact by donating today!
“We had decided to separate, my wife and kids going to her parents where they could eat, even though that would shame me in their eyes. Just as we ate the last food in the house, my overseer called to say he was bringing us enough flour, cooking oil, and spaghetti to last a month. It was a... [more]

Crisis Upon Crisis (Nov 30 '20)

Heavy Flooding of the Awash   Heavy rains this summer caused flooding, the worst ever in the region, which has displaced some 300,000 people in Ethiopia. Our colleague Fikadu found 50-60 people crowded into small mud houses built for 5-6 in the Meki area, where he had gone to distribute food from our matching grant to families destitute from COVID. We’ve offered his denomination another matching grant to raise relief for those whose houses and fields are still under water. Our colleague Mezgebu’s denomination has delayed baptism for 1500 new converts because the Awash River... [more]