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How we work

We do community-based care of orphans and vulnerable children, an approach which seems to most experts much wiser--let alone more cost-effective--than orphanage care. With $35 per month, we provide supplemental nutrition, clothing, school fees, health care, spiritual care, and ongoing supervision of the children's living situations.  


Here is our promise to our sponsors and the children whom we sponsor:

Physical Support:

  • Monthly distribution of supplemental food (grain, pasta, beans, cooking oil)
  • Monthly distribution of hygiene products (hair oil, soap, feminine products)
  • Yearly clothing: at least one full outfit (jacket, pants, shirt, undergarments, socks), sport clothing and 2 pairs of shoes
  • Medical: 2 health check-ups per year and other medical expenses are covered as needed


  • School fees
  • School supplies on a regular basis (notebook, pen, pencil, eraser)
  • Rewardsnyd16.jpg for top academic performers
  • Academic tutuorial class provided at local church or sponsorship office

Social and Spiritual Support

  • Sunday school classes (on a weekly basis) with learning materials provided
  • Self-help group for parent/guardian to learn skills for parenting, finance and business, and health and to find community support.
  • Regular home visits from a staff member or volunteer to monitor child's living situation and family status.
  • Access to a social worker to assist with any additional need



  • Small birthday gift 
  • Christmas celebration
  • Easter celebration
  • Additional gifts and correspondence as provided by sponsor
  • Additional programs as provided by mission teams
  • Visits from sponsor (often as part of a mission team)