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Hope In View's Mission

is to strengthen the Church, especially in Ethiopia, so that it is empowered to bring about wholistic, sustainable transformation of individuals, churches and communities.

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Agent of Transformation

Meet Alem Gebregzi. She volunteers in our child sponsorship program in Addis Ababa. By day Alem sweeps streets with a broom and picks up garbage, 7 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a job for which she gets paid the equivalent of $40 a month. By night she mentors a group of 21 people, all living with HIV, whose children are in our child sponsorship program. It is a job for which Alem has never been paid a cent. She began working with some of them more than 10 years ago when Genet, the leader of her basic discipleship group and our child sponsorship social worker, taught her and her friends... [more]

What's the big deal about covenant?

Imagine living in a situation where "whatever works for me" dictates ethics. No business contracts are enforced (except perhaps by fists). Loans get repaid if things work out well, and "it's too bad" if they don't. Conflicts get resolved by intimidation or separation. This legacy from animism, which our friends in western Ethiopia have inherited, blocks peace, community development, and economic progress, to say nothing about Christian maturity and the ability to be a joyful and redemptive community. Among some of our friends in Ethiopia this legacy is now crumbling in the face of covenant,... [more]

Sustainability: Western Propaganda or Realistic Hope?

If there is any lack in the Welayita countryside, it is certainly not of natural beauty. Green-carpeted landscape meets the eye in all directions. And yet the people in this area of southern Ethiopia remain desperately poor, many convinced that they cannot rise out of poverty without outside help. Pastor Getachew Yosef, leader of a Catholic renewal movement throughout southern Ethiopia, is on a mission to change that. For the last three years his movement has been linked with Hope In View through occasional trainings on small group discipleship. Over the years they have set up over 160... [more]